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faith macauley

light leader for the new earth

Mountain Lake

"it is our highest calling to shine our native frequency, without apology."

- f a i t h

My name is Faith Marie Macauley and I am a galactic activation portal. I hold space for awakening, healing, and empowerment. My natural gift is to help you remember who you are.

I am light worker, yoga teacher, reiki master, shaman, mother, wife, and creator/steward of The Heart Center for Awakening. 

My mission is to bring souls back into alignment with their own sovereignty, the will of the Divine Creator, and harmony with Mother Earth. I teach tools that anchor us on the path of service to God, which include the path of shadow work and spiritual warriorship. The true spiritual path includes both light and dark, and my medicine is for those who are willing to walk the path of wholeness. Only the warriors will reap the rewards of the New Earth-- lives of creativity, connection, abundance, and fulfillment. I am honored to activate you along your awakening journey.

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mentorship programs to align you with the frequency of your vision

sovereignty coaching

reclaim your whole soul and begin living as a sovereign creator being through a 6-session 1:1 healing and integration program

self mastery online course

reiki training

This online 6-module course will give you the tools and experiences to make a quantum shift into a sovereign warrior of the light, as well as create a powerful group dynamic to propel you into 5D co-creatorship. 

become a hands-on, distance, or master energy healer. teachings are passed down from Mikao Usui, through the Holy Fire III lineage 

enter your new vibration


I came to Faith at a very pivotal point in my life, looking for help healing from my first real heartbreak, finding peace again, and reconnecting with myself. Throughout my sessions with Faith, we were able to shift my energy, build confidence, and change my outlook on life. We did this by exploring experiences in my previous relationship that still impacted me and healing my wounds from their source. We were also able to uncover my past life and work through centuries old issues and scars left on my soul, which had been manifesting themselves in my present life. Before I started meeting with Faith, I was incredibly anxious and depressed; I felt hopeless and did not trust that the universe would take care of me. Over the course of just a few weeks, Faith helped me understand that no matter where life would take me, the universe’s abundance would always provide for me. I had no previous experience with or understanding of reiki before my sessions with Faith, but she was an understanding, comforting, and healing presence throughout the process (even over the phone/zoom!). I would highly recommend trying out Faith’s reiki healing

Anna Choflet

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